Hamlet Soliloquy Translation Act I Scene ii lines 129159

Oh I wish I could just evaporate into thin air or that God agreed with suicide. All things
weary, stale, flat, and unprofitable seem to me all the uses of this world! Curse on it, I curse.
This world is an unweeded garden that has not been tended and all things horrible and evil reside
in and on everything. Now it comes to this, my father has been dead for two month, is that so
long a time. My father was a magnificent man, he was a sun god compared to my uncle, the
over-sexed half goat. So loving was my father, that he would not allow even the wind of heaven
to break across my mother’s face too harshly. Must I be reminded of heaven and earth? Why
did my mother seem to treat my father as if being with him only made her want to be with him
more? Why did she cling to him so strongly and yet within a month - I wish not to think of the
weakness that women possess! - it was a very short month, or did it seem so long a travel of time
as she followed my poor father’s body; crying her heart out; why she, even she, - Oh God! Even
a beast that wants discourse and reason would have mourned longer - she married my uncle, my
father’s brother, he is more unlike my loving father than I to Hercules, why within a month? So
soon she had cried and just as soon she dried her salty eyes and married. With such lusty speed
she sleeps, most incestuously, in bed with my uncle. This hideous act cannot come to any good
nor is it even a good thing, still it saddens me for I must not speak out about what I feel.


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