hate grops

White and Black Hate Groups
From the beginning of time man has hated each other for the most ridiculous reasons.
Because of differences in culture, tradition, and race man has caused much pain upon his fellow
brothers. To understand the causes of supremacy and plain old narrow mindedness, we must
look through the eyes of the racist. We must realize where he came from, what environment was
he was raised in, and we must understand what he loves and what he fears. After we examine
these aspects of the common supremist, we come a little closer to understanding how these
hate groups form. White and black hate groups aren\'t that much different from each other.
White supremacy groups thrive on the idea that their race will go extinct if they don\'t act
now. They live in constant fear that their race will be obliterated by the impure. They oppose
interracial marriages, desegregation, and welfare. They thrive on kindling fear in the hearts of
others to get what they want. White supremacy and hate groups live in a stagnate state of
insecurity and jealousy. Economic factors also influence supremist. After the American Civil
War a white supremist group arose. They called themselves the KKK, or the Ku Klux Klan.
They were a group of white males who lost much of their social status as a result of the newly
freed African-American slaves. The KKK formed again after World War I as a result of the
widespread poverty again. The cause of the next war, WWII, was Supremacy. Adolf Hitler, a
German dictator, manipulated a whole country with racist ideas and views. Hitler\'s ideas seemed
to make sense to the paucity stricken German people after WWI. Skinheads, or neo Nazis,
follow the beliefs of Hitler. They target young people and attract them using popular music and
peer pressure. These groups are becoming more and more a threat to the United States
government. As you see, these white supremacy groups are held together by blaming their
misfortunes on a minority.
Black hate groups aren\'t that much different from white ones. They tend to focus on
religion a bit more and use it as their moral licence to hurt others. The "Nation of Islam" is a
good example of a supremist group that uses it\'s religion as a shield. These groups feel that their
way is the best and only way. These groups are usually minorities who feel that they\'ve been
oppressed in some way. Most black hate groups feel that the opposing race is trying to rob them
of their cultures and traditions. This ignorant standpoint toward their social environment
increases hate amongst opposing groups. During the late 1960\'s a group known as the Black
Panthers formed as an opposition to the U.S. Government. They felt that the U.S. sent black men
to Vietnam in order to send less white men to war. They lashed out at the government with
demonstrations and even terrorist acts of bombings and kidnaping. As oppose to the second
forming of the white supremist group the KKK, a black hate group formed about the same time.
Lead by Marcus Garvey, this group wanted to go back to Africa where they could be
economically independent. Black hate groups constantly remind the media, or whoever\'s
listening, that they are constantly oppressed and that they will tolerate no more racism. They
tend to fight racism with more racism which results in nothing but even more hate.
As you now see black and white supremacy groups aren\'t that much different each other.
They are born the same way; out of poverty, ignorance, and jealousy. They live the same way; on
hate, fear, and anger. And they also die the same way; through narrow mindedness, insecurity,
and apathy.
Prejudices, supremacy, and hate have always slowed the growth of civilization. Like a
tumor it spreads through every aspect of our society. Killing the little good that is left. The
social virus of supremacy has plagued us like a disease for eons. If only man could look past
differences of his fellow brothers and work with him for the good of his society. Then and only
then will we be able to live in peace.


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