Have you ever got everything you wished for, only to discover that it was not what you wanted? This is however what the young man Richard Mayhew discovers in the book Neverwhere. Richard gets stuck in a world under the streets of London and all he wants is to get home again but when he does, it's not what he intended. In the story we get follow Richard and his life as it changes along the way.
The book that's written by Neil Gaiman begins with a brief prologue where we first get to meet Richard Mayhew who's about to move to London. In the prologue we also meet Door for the first time who's a young laydy being pursued and chased by the two assassins, Mister Croup and Mister Vandmar, which she finally manage to slay. After the prologue we get to know a bit more about Richard who's moved to London and started a new job where he works with securities. He's living alone in his apartment and gets engaged with a girl called Jessica. Richard is living his life as a typical Smith. Here is the starting point of the storyline, the state of order and the background before the story plot actually takes place.
The first twist we can see in the book is when Richard messes things up with Jessica. Richard finds a girl on the streets who needs help so he carries her home to his place, and this is the point when Jessica has had enough and breaks up. The breakup is unexpected since Richards life seems to be so perfect. He's living his Smith-life and we get the contrast when something actually happens in his non-exciting life. In the same scene there's another twist, the girl on the street. The girl is actually Door and is a smooth transition for the breakup but also a huge twist since she makes the story takes a totally other path, in to Neverwhere. There's nothing to do when your partner breaks up but if that's all you want you'll maybe have to fight for it.
Later on in the book we get to know Croup and Vandermar a bit more as the bad guys who want to kill Door, Hunter, Doors actual bodyguard and Marquise De Carabas as another part of the fellowship that has been made around Door. When Carabas meet Croup and Vandemar in their obscurity place under the hospital we first think that Carabas is the head behind the murder of Doors family but then there's another twist once again. In the end of the book we finally find out that it's the unexpected Angel Islington who's the mastermind behind it all. Neil makes us think that the angel is kind and trustable. First Doors dad tells Door that she should find Islington and she should be safe there. After that the angel tries to help Door and Richard to get what they want but in the end it turns out that everything was really to get Islington from its own prison. That was really surprisingly that it was the evil one. But if someone told you that ze could help you get what you wanted the most, had you not done all you could to get that help?
There's not so much foreshadowing in this book since there are so much unexpected things happening so we don't really expect anything. But in the beginning when Richard's left in a world where no one can see him, hear him or even recognize him we can see that he seems to be involved in what's going on with Door. We know that both Door and Richard is going to the floating market and we can expect them to meet once again. Varney, the guy Croup and Vandemar tells to be Doors bodyguard on the floating market, he doesn't want to in the beginning but he has no other choice then to listen. Here we can ask ourselves if maybe Richard is going to be her bodyguard once again, since he already saved her once. There is so much going on in both Door and Richards's lives, both good and bad. Richard is stuck in Neverwhere since Anaesthesia told