House on Mango Street

The House On Mango Street
By: Natalie Crist block 1

In this book, “ The House on Mango Street”, by Sandra Cisneros , the main character Esperanza goes through many life lessons, and must deal with many issues.
One issue that Esperanza must face is Esperanza’s self acceptance. Many children, if not all go through this stage in life they believe themselves to be abnormal. They also feel as if they will never be accepted. Esperanza, for instance when she explains to the reader what her name means, she says, “ In English my name means hope, In Spanish it means too many letters. It means sadness, a muddy color.” (10) She goes on to clarify that her name was also her great-grandmothers. How she inherited the name, but does not want her grandmothers place by the window . Esperanza’s harsh description of her name shows one example of how she wants something different for her life, and will not accept what she has. Esperanza takes on all of life limitations, and resists conforming to what society believes will become of her. Esperanza’s name is a symbol of her determination