How I Got into College

Throughout my life I have adapted to certain things that are truly unequal, unfair, and unjust. There has always been a mountain in the way of a goal or a dream. But the mountains of life arenít always there to make things difficult. They are there to make you fight for what you want. And I feel that you have to fight to succeed this day and age.
My fight is on for me to go on to college. I want to go to college more than anything in the world. The reason it is so important to me is I would like to be the first one to graduate from college in my family. I could then be a better role model for my younger siblings and for my son. I could then show them that I took all of the mountains, the inequalities, the unfairness, and the injustice and made it work for me. I could show them that it is possible for poor, black children to go to college. With faith, hard work, and perseverance anything is possible.
Anything can be achieved once you set your mind to it, and thatís just what I want to let them know. I think that if I can make it to college, I can always find ways to aid and assist my family getting there.
My goal is to go on to medical school and to become a psychiatrist. I have always wanted to be a doctor for as long as I can remember. I enjoy working with people, and I would love to heal the world one person at a time. Mental illness is such a problem in our country that I feel there should be more people to work with the mind. Psychiatrists, psychologists, and neurologists are people who are shied away from. The reason is that many people are in denial that they have a problem. That is the reason I want to be a psychiatrist. I could help heal people from severe depression, suicidal ideation, and other things that affect the mind. I think that if people werenít so afraid of admitting that they have a problem, mental illness would be at an all time low. There are people who need mental help, and arenít getting it. If they were getting the help that they needed, many crimes would be constrained.
With a college education, I can do anything I set my mind, heart, and soul to do. Then I can be the best that I can be for myself, my son, and my family. Once I have completed my college education, I will be on top of the world.