Human Resource Management

Human Resources Management

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Human Resources Management would entail supporting, encouraging and counselling new and existing staff members
Human Resource Management would not be only about marketing the company and specific job vacancy to recruit new staff and administer company policies but also to enhance the working environment of staff to ensure a long and mutual rewarding relationship.

Body 1
Firstly the reason for support as my vision for Human Resources . Support is a resource thus human resources gets its name, I believe that each staff member whether new or old needs some sort of support during their employment. To understand each individual as an individual persons life with dreams and ambitions of their own. With new staff, support is essential this can be given with a full induction of the company and introduction of all staff.

Body 2 counselling
Secondly counselling is a part of human resources as both a disciplinary action and a means to resolve further upset or distractions.

Body 3 encouragement enhancement
Secondly, Human resource management would also be to guide staff with their career path and researching certain courses and learning institutes best suited to their work to develop all the necessary skills to achieve high results in the workplace. Encouragement is a big factor in job training and career courses to stimulate staff in their current role or to further their career options within the company.
Motivate promotion

Final paragraph in conclusion mutual rewarding relationship