Individualism versus Other "Isms"

"Liberalism expresses an encompassing view of human life, one that aspires to leave individuals as much as possible free to shape their lives in a meaningful direction." According to Ronald Beiner, practices of liberalism are not the same with what it must be. Ronald Beiner criticises the liberalism and the communitarianism. In his journal, individuals have to get more rights to choice what they want and what they will do. However, it can only be a utopia. Also, it is not a good idea to break of individuals from community. The benefits of individualism -communitarian system like human\'s need of protection, success at the management and shaping of government and government\'s control over individuals.
All beings have born in a society. Thinking process is done by the concepts which all comes from the language, the individual learns their usage and meaning from the society. His behaviours are shaped by the society. If all moral and expectations are shaped by the society, how this individual can be separated from society. Many individuals use social groups for preventing them from the outside. Community protects their members. An individual finds an environment to grow and get power. According to Singh, "…a liberal democratic society may sometimes have to weigh the importance of certain forms of uniform treatment for all individuals against the importance of cultural survival and perhaps opt sometimes in favour of the latter." (Burtonwood 3)
At many areas, the using of the communitarianism and individualism at the management helps making more money and efficiency. At the example from the People Management, in such companies such as Shell, Motorola and ABB, for instance, the individual gets a reward based on the basis of how well it nurtures individual. (2) However, the US\' firms reward only individuals and this hinders the teamwork.
Society forms the norms. These norms put in order of individual\'s life appropriate for the social life. From the changing system to comminucater system, no new moral system will develop. It is called anomie in the sociology. Anomie is a social condition where there is no meaning shared among people. People tried to invent ther own ways of living. Durkheim\'s searches showed that many individuals couldn\'t find the solution and these cause suicides. (Hall 177)
Individuals have no abilities to change the sysytem but the communities have to power o recreate new systems. Etzioni mention this power by "I am suggesting a third way that reminds us we are all brothers and sisters, but we cannot wait for government to take care of us. We all must sacrifice, take care of our responsibilities, do our share." (D\'Antonio 2) Also, Etzioni added "The more social oreder within a state or society-the more individual autonomy has to be romoted." (Schilcher 1)
In conclusion, let\'s symbolize individual by gem. Gem is expensive individually. However, a necklace, which many gems are used to make, becomes much more valuable selling those gems individually. By the idea of the Etzioni\'s new theory of synthesis of individualism and communitarianism, thes two differen ideology has to be used in the social order.


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This article is about the liberal democracy and non-liberal communities. There are topics about inividual compromise, Halsted and the case for differentiated curricula. It is a good reference for understanding these concepts. It is very detailedon individual autonomy and cultural development. Its information comes from the quotes of Singh and Halstead, mostly. Writer uses direct statements. There are statements like "I agree with…, I argue …" Words are sophisticated. For example: appropriate, reconciliation, authenticity, curricula. Mostly sentences are long and complex. This article helps me to understand better the individualism and its harmful