Inhumane Treatment

When groups and nations come into conflict, they sometimes act in inhumane ways. They use cruel and harsh treatment toward others. Two conflicts that occurred between 1900 and 1945 that resulted in the inhumane treatment of people are the Nazi Holocaust and the Salt March.
The Nazi Holocaust and the Salt March are great examples of inhumane treatment of people. The Holocaust was a movement to destroy all the Jews. Nazis would burn Synagogue’s, burn books, and beat and kill Jews. The Salt March was a way to get Britain out of India. Britain’s clubbed and arrested peaceful marchers. All the Indians were just asking for their basic freedoms and the police brutally beat them for it and not one of the marchers lifted an arm to defend themselves.
For the Salt March, a major effect of the inhumane treatment was that all the other countries were now against Britain. It embarrassed Britain and took pride away from its democratic traditions. Later, the campaign of nonviolence finally forced Britain to give back power to India. They also agreed to meet other demands of the congress party.
Conflicts between people lead to the inhumane treatment of others. The Nazi Holocaust and the Salt March were two conflicts that were very tragic. The Salt March had good results in the end but unfortunately the Holocaust did not.