integrity in the work place

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Integrity In The Workplace

Integrity directly relates to the workplace and keeping one’s word. It is important to have integrity in the workplace because without it, there would be little reason for an employer to keep you. Employment is given with the trust that the person being hired will keep their end of the bargain by completing the necessary work they’ve been hired for.

An employee that lacks integrity is worst than one that lacks skills. Skills can be taught at almost any point in one’s life. Integrity on the other hand, cannot be taught as easily. The importance of values and adherence to those values are usually learned at an early stage in life from our parents and closest loved ones. It is not easy to teach a person that lacks integrity to hold the same deep appreciation and concern for principles as someone who already posses these traits.

It is important to have integrity in the work place for many reasons. It demonstrates reliability and responsible ness. By doing shabby work or simply not completing the work on time or at all, you demonstrate irresponsibleness, lack of interest and a breach in agreement. If one is being paid to complete a task, they are relying on you to keep your end of the deal.

It is very difficult to trust a person that does not always keep their word. This makes it a difficult situation for both the employer and the employee. An employee that cannot keep their word by performing the desired task satisfactorily and on time causes the company to lose money. This can often lead to frequent referrals and even termination. It is of no use to any company to hire a person for their skills if that person cannot be trusted. To be trustworthy is definitely a quality that employers are looking for.