Introspective Look Into

Written on the wings of a long lost trip.. April 19, 1999 A gross and sickening introspective look into the mind of a truly demented person..

You better believe.. C\'mon mothers, set your children free. Let them run with us, in the forests and the streams. Let them dwell amongst us, may we all get along? I remember what happened last time your children freed themselves, all hell broke loose. That won\'t happen again though, we promise. Sign the permission slip and let them follow us.. it won\'t cost much, but they might be gone for a while..

He decided that everything he believed in was in vain, he felt that all his bearings were off course.. he began to use drugs, at first it was cannabis, then he moved onto wild hallucinatory drugs. The kind that can really change a person.. change them in a good way, or a bad way.

We now realize that the girl is going to be leaving soon, she is not a girlfriend, she is a time bomb, a potential heart break, and the young man is an indecisive monster unwilling to forgive himself for the things he does, and the things he has seen.

The girl is incredible, she would never intentionally hurt him, but the boy-not a man, a mere boy-knows that she will leave in a matter of months.. it happened to him once before, with another girl, it was not her fault though. People have to leave, that is evolution.

He left too though, well, metaphysically... The neat thing about this drug, he finds, is that for three hours nothing really matters. Time crawls by at a slow, uneven pace, things about him are more interesting, and he does not worry about the girl, school, finding a job, living, dying, growing, changing, or the future. But future ties in with growing, and growing is a potentially troublesome aspect of life. Because when you grow-you change.

We have learned that as children, we are happy. But as we grow up we see the world in truth. Or truth in a disillusionment. Disillusionment.. now that brings up an important thought. Our young anti-hero once believed that he had direction. His own parents were proud of him because they knew he would be something someday. Were they wrong?

No they were not wrong, only disillusioned.

Back to change.. Some people change for the better, but you and I both know that change is almost always a bad thing. The boy wishes he was back in second grade-the drug allows him to go back, and be at peace. Peace, that is how he feels. Hmm..

On the drug he realizes that people see him differently.. some see him as comical, while others disagree with him. Disagree in a mental way, such as when you see something you hate, and you turn your head. At times he wishes that everyone was on the drug, for they too would understand how he feels. But this is impossible, too many people are against him/it.

You are against change, aren\'t you? We can tell. I can smell it on your breath, every time you exhale I can smell it.

The girl is gone-for the boy. He left her last week sometime, why did he leave her.. Well he hasn\'t physically left her.. nor has he said anything to her. She probably wouldn\'t mind though, let\'s face it.. he isn\'t perfect. Look at him, he doesn\'t wear socks, his pants are baggy, he needs a haircut, his shirt is crooked, and he doesn\'t even tuck it in. Loser. Did they tell you that he uses drugs? I know, it is sickening. So there is this poor girl, and this monstrous guy, it is impossible that they should come together! Think what would happen! That bastard would probably corrupt her, and she would begin the drug use. What a horrible thought, such an innocent sweet girl.. and that loser.

It almost makes a person want to cry. He left her because he is self-loathing, self-destructive, and afraid of receiving a broken heart. Most people would not admit these horrendous character traits, but he admits them, and is well aware of