Its Like this Cat

It\'s like this cat

by:Emily Neville

The story is about David Mitchell a fourteen year old living in New
York City. The story also includes a cat that was given by Aunt Kate
.Later the cat disappears and David went to the basement . He sees a
man in the basement , then the newspaper announced he had robbed . So
he sent a letter to him and his name was Tom Ramson . Dave and his
new friend Nick rode bikes together bringing in the cat in a basket . They
decided to go to Coney Island . There they met some girls , and went to
see a movie . They got in a fight to see how is going to pay . Tom
responses to Dave . Soon Tom comes to his house and ask to go to the
park with him .
Tom lives in Brooklyn . Dave meets Ben , go to Bronx Zoo .
In Thanksgiving mother invites Tom and aunt Kate . Then many reporters
where outside . Because her brother had died he was rich but , she didn\'t
want the money . Few months later Christmas dinner came Tom and
hilda came they were going to get married . Tom job held no future he
wants to enlist Army so will pay college education . The they make a
toast to Tom\'s and Hilda\'s future .