Jay Leno Book Review


The book I read was "Leading With My Chin". The author is Bill Zehme. I enjoyed reading this book because of its excellent detail. I would definitely recommend this book to someone that is a Jay Leno fan or like to laugh a lot.

This book talked about Jays past and all of the things he has accomplished in his long and fun filled life. It explained all the things that he did right and all the things that he did wrong. It talked about things that he would never say on television like his real name.

I learned some things about him that I never knew. It also talked about his family and how he met his wife Mavi. He also talked about kids. And he said that he doesn\'t have any because he can\'t give them any attention.

My cousin also has read half of the book and thoroughly enjoyed what he has read so far, and he is very anxious to finish the book.

If I had to rate this book out of ten I would give it a nine because of its excellent details and humor.