Jessica is a very strong individual who has a easy life. Things have always been given to her as she ask. She has always thought that things would just go her way no matter what there was to hold her back because she woudl always find a way aorund the obstacle. Until one day when it had finally hit her that the one and only person that she has truly ever loved didn\'t have the same feelinsg for her as she did him. Not only did this leave her with a sad empty feeling inside... but the hardest thing for her to get over is him! It hurts knwo that he is out having a good time while she is sad a moping around wishing that he was here with her. She doesn\'t know why she is so hung on the boy, because all he ever did was treat her with disrespect anaway! She is truly having a hard time getting over the bastard and just prays for God to help her!