On November 22nd, 1963 John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the President of

the United States, was assassinated. The man, who was accused of

murdering the President, was Lee Harvey Oswald. There are many

speculations to whether Oswald did murder the President, and if it was a

conspiracy, but it was proven later that it was him acting alone.

Kennedy was the youngest man ever elected President in the United

States of America. He was the thirty-fifth president of the United States.

While President he had many accomplishments; one was the constructing of

the Berlin Wall which divided East and West Berlin. Before his presidential

campaigning, he was a marine, a very heroic marine at that. He married

Jacqueline Lee Bouvier in 1953. They had 3 children, one that was born

prematurely and died soon after its birth.

On November 22nd 1963 the President was in Dallas, Texas

campaigning to get more votes. He was on his way to luncheon riding in a

convertible with his wife next to him, the Texas Governor in front of him

and two cars behind was the Vice-President Lyndon Johnson. There were

large crowds around the motorcade as he passed through the streets.

When traveling under an underpass two shots were fired at the

motorcade. Kennedy was struck in the neck with the first bullet and it

traveled right through his neck, then hit the Governor of Texas in the back.

The second bullet struck the President in the head. The President’s wife then

put the president’s head on her lap and the vehicle rushed to the nearest

hospital. The President had never regained consciousness and approximately

thirty minutes later, at 1:00 PM, he was pronounced dead. Lyndon B.

Johnson was pronounced the thirty-sixth U.S. President two hours later.

The shots that killed Kennedy were shot from a nearby warehouse

from the sixth floor. Lee Harvey Oswald was an employee at the warehouse

and was taken into custody. Oswald was then charged with the murder of the

President and the murder of a police officer who was shot shortly after. Two

days after he was arrested, while being transferred to a different jail, he was

shot in the chest. Jack Ruby, a nightclub owner, fired the shot. His transfer

was being broadcasted on national television, which let millions watch his

death. Ironically Oswald died at the same hospital as the President had. Jack

Ruby was then charged with murder.

The President was buried on November 24th, 1963. He was carried by

a horse-drawn caisson from the White House to the Rotunda of the Capitol.

Many hundreds of thousands of people walked past the bier of the slain

president. A state funeral was held three days later, representatives from

ninety-two nations attended. Over a million people stood on the streets while

the funeral procession went to Arlington National Cemetery. The grave was

marked by a burning torch that his wife and his brothers had lit.

President Johnson appointed, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Earl

Warren the chairman of an investigation into the assassination of Kennedy.

Their final conclusion was “The shots which killed President Kennedy and

wounded the Governor of Texas were fire by Lee Harvey Oswald.”

It has been said that it was not Oswald who killed the President or that

Oswald was a part of a conspiracy to kill the President. There are not that

many facts to back these propositions. In contradiction there are facts that

Lee Harvey Oswald did murder the President. The FBI found that Oswald

bought a rifle, the rifle that assassinated Kennedy. The FBI also found a mail

order application purchasing the rifle that had handwriting on it which

matched Oswald’s handwriting. On the mail order application was a return

address, which was one that Oswald had held under an assumed name.

Later in the investigation police found a photograph of Oswald which

answered many questions. It showed the rifle, which was thought to be the

one used in the assassination of the President, and the revolver, which was

suspected to be the one that killed the police officer. Law enforcement

officers had many witnesses that told them Oswald was in the building that

the shots came from. Witnesses also say that he had taken a wrapped

package, which apparently had the rifle inside. Police said