Jurassic Park

On a small island, a team of scientists created live dinosaurs from DNA in fosilized mosquitoes. The dinosaurs were moved to "pens" in Jurassic Park. It was like a ancient zoo, only more deadly than ones today. A group of paleontologists were called to review the park before it was opened to the public. Flown in by helicopter and landing on the Jurassic Park pad, they were driven through the grassy area to the Visitor Center, encountering dinosaurs on their way. In the center they learned how the dinosaurs were created, took a quick tour of the building, then went off to the front into the two JP cars to start the dinosaur tour. Their first dinosaur to see on the tour was Dilophosaurus. Looking around, the small but deadly dinosaur was not around. They then went on the tour, past the Tyrantasaurus and to the Triceratops, who was sick. They got out of the car and walked out to the sick dino, who was accompanied with a JP "vet." A storm came up, so back to the tour they went.

Inside the Visitors Center, however, things were starting to get bad, in this case, deadly. A worker for Jurassic Park turned security off for everything in the park, except the Raptor pen. With the power off, the dinosaurs can now rip the electric fences apart that protects the people from them. With the two cars stationary right in front of the T-Rex pen, they hear stomping sounds. Cord by cord, the tall fence became useless, and the T-Rex is now out with the scientists and paleontologists. What happens here? Watch the movie! After this the suspense and terror begins, from raptors just feet from you, to a T-Rex chasing you, or a heard of rampaging dinosaurs.

At the end, we are seen what happens when we mess with nature, but then see a reminder of how beautiful nature is now, without any adjustments.