Justice and Liberty For All

"Justice and Liberty for All?"

Generations of Americans have prided themselves on living in a country that promotes "justice and liberty for all." Unfortunately for many of us, this is far from the truth. Daily people experience the misfortune and hatred that goes along with being labeled a "minority." Today we\'ll explore some of the terms and theories that define the minority status.
Let\'s first start with defining the term minority. Obviously there are about as many definitions for the word as there are people that it tries to define. Minority status, as defined by Richard Schaefer in Racial and Ethnic Groups, is "a group that is a subordinate group whose members have significantly less control/power over their own lives that that held by the members of the majority/dominant group."
Now, let\'s pick apart that definition and look at the word subordinate. There are various ways that the word subordinate can be defined. The easiest way to explain it would be to say that a subordinate group is a group of people that understand the dominant group well and want to be like them. On the other hand the dominant group seems to know the subordinate well, but in reality those images are often tainted with stereotypes. There are many different types of subordinate groups, they are based on racial, ethnic, religious and gender stereotypes. Often times a dominant group will begin, sometimes unknowingly, to oppress the subordinate group. Oppression can be defined as repressing another group of people in order to inhibit them from further bettering themselves.
We\'ve talked a lot about the "dominant" group. Now let\'s take a moment and define exactly what it takes to belong in a dominant setting. Dominant as defined by, The New International Webster\'s Pocket Dictionary of the English Language is to have supreme or masterful power or influence over. Basically stating that the dominant group controls every aspect of a minority group\'s life from what kind of education they receive to what jobs they perform to whom they marry within the society.

Within the dominant groups power is the process of stigmatization. Stigmatization is the process of dehumanizing, labeling and marginalizing a group, usually a minority, of people. Dehumanization is looking at a group of people as subhuman, labeling as seeing a group of people and having instant ideas about them and marginalization as keeping that group of people to one side, or out of the way of the public eye.
All of these terms are based around different minority groups. One of the ways a group is formed is by race. A racial group is defined, by Richard Schaefer in Racial and Ethnic Groups, as being a group that is socially set apart from others because of obvious physical differences. Another way a minority group is defined in by the ethnicity/ culture of a person. An ethnic group is defined as a group set apart from others because of its national origin or distinctive cultural patterns.
One of the ways that a racial group is targeted is through the use of racism. Racism is defined as "a doctrine that one race is superior than another." The use of prejudice is yet another way. Prejudice is defined as a negative attitude toward an entire category of people, such as a racial or ethnic minority.
All of these things are a process of discrimination. There are many types of discrimination. They are isolate, small group, institutional, and systematic. Discrimination itself is defined as the denial of opportunities and equal rights to individuals and groups because of prejudice or for other arbitrary reasons. Isolation discrimination is done by individual people and may not radiate the feelings of the rest of the people in that area. It is an "isolated" case. A few people that are in agreement to treat and hate a certain minority group do small group discrimination. For example, the KKK or anti-semantic groups are two types. Institutional discrimination is defined as a denial of opportunities and equal rights to individuals or groups resulting from the normal operations of a society. And finally systematic discrimination is a cultivated idea that a dominant group may have that is gathered over time, and may not be aware is being used.

Social Inequality is the idea that persons in a