Wizard. (C# 11.3)
2. The Grand Dragon was the leader of an entire State. (C# 11.3)
3. The Grand Goblin is a regional director in charge of a domain.
4. The Exalted Cyclops is the president of a local chapter. (C# 11.2)
5. The Klabee is the treasurer at all levels
C. The early years of the Klan were vicious and out of control the U.S. Government couldn’t even stop them.
1. The KKK was one of the first terrorist groups.
2. The Klan soon had over 3000 people, it started spreading throughout the south like a mad fire, raging out of control. (C#1.2)
3. Klan members, who believed in white superiority, soon began to terrorize blacks to keep them from voting. (C#1.3)
4. Federal troops were being withdrawn from southern states. The KKK was unstoppable and uncontrollable. They became so uncontrollable and violent that the Grand Wizard of the Klan, former Confederate general Nathan B. Forrest, officially disbanded the Klan in 1869.
II. 1915 to 1944
A. Like It’s early days, from 1915 until around 1921 the Ku Klux Klan went through a lot of changes and a huge growth in membership.
1. In 1915 the name, rituals, and some of the attitudes of the original Klan were adopted by a new fraternal organization incorporated in Georgia. The official name of the new society, was Invisible Empire, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (C#12.6)
2. After World War I, the Klan grew in urban areas and active in many states. (C#15.2)
3. The Klan spread rapidly throughout the nation terrorizing public officials and blacks to try to prevent them from voting, or holding Political office as they had done in the past. After 1921 it experienced a growth in membership (3 million). (C# 15.3)

B. Despite the large growth, the depression had a great affect on the Klan, it lost significant numbers due to the cost of being a member.
1. During the economic depression in the U.S. the membership rate reduced to only several thousand. They were only active on a very small scale. (C#15.3)
2. In 1940 the Klan joined with the German American Bund, an organization financed in part by the government of Nazi Germany.
3. In 1944 it disbanded formally when it was unable to pay back taxes owed to the federal government. (C# 5.7)
III. The late 1940 are to the early/mid 1970’s
A. Poor and Broke tragedy strikes the Klan, but later on tragedy strikes the rest of the world.
1. In 1947 Samuel Green, of Atlanta, Georgia, dies, he was a major Klan leader. After his death the Klan split into other smaller compartments.(C#1.10)
2. After the U.S. Civil Rights Act of 1964 it experienced a marked increase in membership, reaching an estimated 40,000 members.

3. Klan members killed a lot of people in this time period. Many people believe the Klan had sanctioned all of the killings due to the press, but from what the Klan said and has stuck by the killers were members but took it upon themselves to murder people. (C# 8.4)
4. In the1970’s The Klan\'s activity increased a little. Klan\'s men ran for political office and they opened up an office in Toronto. (C# 7.7)

Conclusion: The KKK was and still is a hate group today, which had three major periods of activity, the first was the mid 1860’s to the early 1870’s, the second was 1915 to 1944 and the third was from the late 1940’s until the early 1970’s as for the KKK today after about 1980 there was a decline in numbers .The Klan is still around but there are very few members and hardly any activity from them. The Klan still goes on with meetings and cross burnings today but is pretty much silent.

Murder, Vandalism, and Discrimination. When you first hear these words what comes to your mind? A gang of young hoodlums, a misguided cult of some sorts, a psychotic killer? Maybe but there is a group of people within the United States who have created an organization who get away with these crimes everyday. This group is the KKK. The KKK is a secret society, which has made a humongous impact on our society, our nation and our minorities. We had to live with hatred and disgust that the KKK posses. There is not very much that the government can do to the Klan due to their first amendment rights. The first amendment gives them freedom of speech,