land use in idaho

Land use in Idaho
By: Matthew Gooch
Hello. I think that there is about 66% federal land in Idaho and I think that that should go down. What I am trying to say is that the government should give out some of his land. Especially people who are about to retire because they will want a nice comfy space to live. But I don’t think that they should give out all of their land I mean if they did that then they would have no land. I also think that they should let people go places more so by plane than by cars because if every one could get everywhere by cars then that would let more poachers into the wild and also it would let more trashfull people into the forests. Well ok so maybe they have enough places like that I mean I am not saying that they should just block off everything but they should do maybe a little more. Hmmm... I was wondering is trashfull even a word I am not sure I mean I think it is but then again maybe it isn’t. Well spell checker says that it isn’t a word but I think it is. As a matter of fact I am going to go look it up right now. No I don’t think trashfull is a word but oh well I think I will still use trashfull. Maybe it is two words like trash full or maybe it is not trashfull it is trashiness or something like that. OH. I better get back onto the subject. ok, what was I talking about oh yes ok. I mean there will still be poachers but there will not be to many I mean obviously most poachers are just people who like guns and are to lazy to do anything good in there life so they go and they kill. or maybe they are just weird and have an enlarged part of their brain that tells them to kill things so they kill animals. of course they could do it for the fun of it but then again that is just wrong. I can’t think of very much to say I mean I don’t know how I could write 2000 words on Idaho land use. oh well I guess I could talk about the different ways we use Idaho’s land. Like sometimes I go four wheeling riding up in the hills with my family see it is really fun and I have lots of fun yes fun. This year with all of the fires we went up there and we only have one car buff enough to carry our trailers but we have two trailers so we go up come down and go back up. well the first time we went up we saw all of this lightning strike up there but we thought nothing of it and went back down for the second trailer. Well we brought up the second trailer (the one for our ATV’s) and it was raining so we went inside our other trailer. A few hours later it stopped raining so we went outside and we looked over and we could see smoke. well the next day there was this big yellow fire engine across the rode (we were in that prairie above porky pine springs.) Well a few minutes later another one comes up and then these guys get out and run around for a while. Well about an hour later this helicopter flew over and landed over there it had this huge tank under it and it said fire on it. so a few minutes later we thought we should go check out the fire so we did and we decided that the best way to get there was by taking the rode to bostetter. well we were wrong as a matter of fact we got half way there and realized we were going the wrong direction so we turned around and went up deadline ridge. when we got about halfway there we could tell that this thing was huge it was probably about a mile in diameter at least already and it was going in all directions. So we got as close as