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The Battle of Bunker Hill

By Richard Tidwell

The Battle of Bunker/Breeds Hill

June 16, 1775

The Battle of Bunker Hill was an important and decisive battle in the Revolutionary War. Several important events contributed to this battle.
Quite a few famous people were involved with this battle. The most important part is what affect it had on the outcome of the war and our

Many people call this the battle of Bunker Hill, but the fighting really took place on Breeds Hill, which is an adjoining hill. People may call it
the Battle of Bunker Hill because it is the bigger of the two hills. Bunker Hill did play a roll in the battle though, the Americans retreated
and regrouped at Bunker Hill.

There are several important events that led up to the battle and caused it. After receiving a message that the British were going to secure
the two hills on the peninsula across from Boston ( Boston was separated from the peninsula by Boston Harbor) the Americans decided to
invade that area, and they did. They were also starting to build a fort on it, because at that position they could lob cannon shells into Boston
easily, and then the Americans could take over Boston, (Which was a British stronghold). The colonists also wanted to get revenge on the
British for shooting then in their backs when they were retreating at Lexington. A spy brought news to the Americans that the British
General Gage ordered about seven-thousand men to take out the twenty-thousand man American makeshift army at Bunker Hill. Gage did
this because he was furious that the colonists were building a fort right across from Boston.

There were many people involved in this battle. Colonel Prescott, led the American army on Breeds Hill. General Gage was the British
officer who helped the British win many battles in the Revolutionary War. He led the British at Breed Hill. The man who led the British
army up the hillside to attack the Americans was General Wm. Howe. General Israel Putnam helped direct the Americans and watched over
the start of the building of the fort on Breeds Hill.

"Dig, and dig hard," said Colonel Prescott to the Americans while they were digging trenches. Waiting for the British to come. When dawn
broke British warships started bombarding the hillside with cannonballs. That did little damage to the Americans. As the British marched as
best as they could in their lines. The British marched up. BOOM, BOOM. The American rifles went off and hit their targets with awesome
aim. The bullets had left a hillside covered with blood and soldiers. The British retreated to the bottom of the Hill and regrouped. For that
kind of punishment was more than the advancing British could take. Noticing that their ammunition was running low Colonel Prescott told
the American militia men this: "You men are all marks men, now don’t shoot until you can see the whites of their eyes."

The British came up the hill a third time. BOOM, and then there was silence. The Americans ran out of ammunition completely. The British
ran into the trenches and started killing the Americans. Some of the American colonists were fighting with their hands, feet, teeth, anything
they could find to ward off the British attack. Without any ammunition or bayonets(which are guns with swords at the muzzle of it) they
had to retreat to a different position, which was Bunker Hill. They were soon flushed out of that area too.

The outcome of the battle was that the British had won, technically that is. It is true that the British drove the Americans out the this area,
but if you add up the British wounded and dead the total would be about eleven hundred people! The American dead and wounded were
less than half of that. So the British actually did win the battle, by driving the Americans out of Breeds hill, but it left a heavy toll on the
British army. "It was such a dear victory, another such would have ruined us," said General Henry Clinton after the battle.

This battle was important because it showed that the Americans could be vicious at times, and they wouldn’t be afraid to fight for their
freedom. It also showed that the Americans colonies must break all ties with Great Britain. It also show that the Americans can "rabble in
arms" as the British General Burgoyne