Lonely Heart

Like a glass,

I feel empty,

you ditched me,

I can\' believe you lied,

now all I do is cry.

Like a knife,

you cut me so deep,

my heart is broken,

my life is in-complete,

I can\'t belive you hurt me,

how could you be so mean?

Like the rain,

my tears are pouring down,

no happiness..just frowns,

my world is turned upside down,

my dreams just wen through the ground.

Like a flower,

im dying inside,

no place to go,

no place to hide,

all I\'m left with is my pride.

Like a bird,

I want to fly away,

to another place,

but I have to stay,

got no choice anyway.

Like a desert,

I\'m all alone,

no one around,

no one to hold,

no one to keep me company,

no one to think of me.

Like a broken T.V,

everyones in dis-belief,

no one trusts me,

I guess no one loves me.

Just like life,

everythings mess up,

got no luck,

this world sucks,

things are going to change!