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A Macro Economic Perspective

A short over-view to the Government Corporations and other segments in the Transport Sector of Pakistan including the M2 Motorway, the Railways, Pakistan International Airlines Corporation and Pakistan National Shipping Corporation.
Different Segments of the Transport Sector of Pakistan
Land Transport including the Railways
Shipping Sector
Aviation Sector
Ports and Shipping
Roads and Highways
Karachi Mass Transit Program
M2 Motorway-Lahore to Islamabad

Pakistan National Shipping Corporation
Pakistan International Airlines Corporation
Pakistan Railways
National Tanker Company


Pakistan is standing at the cross roads of the 21st Century. The new millenium is just round the corner and every country in the this part of the world is competing for fewer and fewer resources to make the lives of its country men better and better.
When it comes to the economy of Pakistan, it is in its shambles at the present moment. There is hardly any investment in the private sector and a complete absence in the public sector due to the past experiences of the governments in running the large corporations of the country in related or not related to the transport or infrastructure of the country.

Perhaps the best example of these corporations would be Pakistan International Airlines, Pakistan Railways and the Pakistan National Shipping Corporation; all of these corporations reading like a "who is who" of the transport sector of the country.
The time has now come that there is a point of no return prevalent in this sector of the economy. That is the reason that the present government has taken concrete steps in order to over come the difficulties been faced by the employees as well as the clients who are served by these airlines. The major restructuring steps includes laying off considerable surplus staff, better management of resources and the abolition of different perks and preferences given to the senior management of these corporations.
Otherwise, the government has embarked on a brisk plan to improve the transport infrastructure of the country which is visible in Karachi and other parts of the nation. The Pakistan Motorway built with the help of the private sector is a testament to the fact. The new roads, fly-overs and mass transit plans in Karachi also speak volumes that things are finally been given notice. The port of Gwadar is also going to be developed into a full-fledged container terminal in-order to provide a third alternative to the ports of Karachi and Bin Qasim. Even in these two locations, i.e. Karachi and Bin Qasim, the facilities are being improved to accommodate the increasing volumes of international trade and container terminals, oil installations and petroleum refineries are all being introduced to stay ahead with the times.
Different Segments of the
Transport Sector of Pakistan
As in all countries of the world, the transport sector in Pakistan is also diversified into different modes and segments. These transport routes, modes and fields span the length and breath of the nation and provide the infrastructure to accommodate the international trade obligations of the country.
These segments include:
 Shipping Sector including ports
 Aviation Sector
 Land Transport including the Railways
Shipping Sector including Ports:
Pakistan has a relatively small shipping sector with only one company in the lead and that also one of the state run corporations like Pakistan National Shipping Corporation. Other smaller companies like Tri-Star Shipping Lines, Cowasjee and Sons, etc. have a relatively small share of the market and can in no way play an international role like the famous shipping companies of Singapore, Greece and Hong-Kong. The ports are also small in number, bearing in mind the fact that the Ports of Pakistan serve the western regions of China, the whole of Afghanistan and Azad Kashmir.
The two ports at Karachi and Bin Qasim have a combined handling capacity of 30 million tonnes of cargo. There are plans to complete the Port of Gwadar and use its resources as a fishing harbor as well as a mini port, nonetheless like with all other things, the port has been substantially delayed and the business sector awaits its completion so that the provinces of Baluchistan\'s resources are utilized fully and this would also give a boost to the regional economy of the province.
Aviation Sector including Airports:
The aviation sector of Pakistan is also in its infancy at the present moment. The government had de-regulated