maglev trains

My topic is “Magnetically Levitated Trains” and I created a Maglev train to

show how it works and at what strength the magnets I used were to hold

the train up. For the experiment I used four strips of magnets, two pieces of

wood for the train, two plastic rails, one strip of wood for the base, some

cement glue, and a pencil. I created the track out of two of the four magnet

strips and the two plastic rails. The strip of wood is the base I have put

everything on. I then created the train out of the two pieces of wood and

the remaining two magnet strips. I used the glue to stick everything

together, and the pencil to make lines where everything would go. I

attempted using electromagnets to create the train and tracks with no luck,

that is why I reverted to the permanent (magnet strips) magnets. After

creating the train and the tracks I tested to see how much the train

levitated, if it did at all. The train levitated about a centimeter or so and

glided along the track once pushed. All in all the experiment was a success

but still a failure. The train did levitate, but not by the means I wanted it to.