Marijuana Legalization

The question about whether to legalize marijuana or not is an easy one to answer. The treatment of cancer is one of the biggest reasons to legalize the drug. The fact that it is durable and strong when used in rope and fabrics is another reason. Legalization will also bring down a very high crime rate. Marijuana also is a cheap source for fuel.
Cannabis sativa or marijuana has been cultivated for over 5,000 years. In the wild, or harvested, marijuana can grow to be 3 - 20 feet high.
The plant spreads quickly and will eventually run out any other plants nearby. The plant itself can be used for rope, material, or medicine. But, whatever way the plant is used, it is illegal.
No other illegal drugs are found to have any medicinal use, including the legal drugs, alcohol and nicotine. Most people don\'t know the benefits that can come from marijuana. Using the drug for cancer victims is one of the biggest arguments for legalization. The drug’s main affecting chemical, THC, acts as a nerve releaser and creates a relaxed state and also eases pain that the person is experiencing. Marijuana is also used for textile purposes and for fuels. Clothing and rope are also made from the plant.
On the other hand, some people only see the negative aspects of marijuana use. They think people who smoke marijuana are lazy and don’t have jobs. The effect of marijuana is not the same as alcohol, but still impairs a person’s ability to drive and make quick decisions while driving. People who abuse the drug not only jeopardize themselves, but others as well. Due to an increase in the drug’s popularity, there is more violence surrounding it in drug deals and gang wars in all major cities. With the right laws and responsible use, these problems won’t be as much of a factor.
There are more practical uses for marijuana than there are ill effects.
The drug is capable bringing ease and relaxation to people who otherwise are in a lot of pain. It also is a very strong plant used for making rope and other materials. There are downsides to the drug, but with proper training and education the downsides will be kept to a minimum.