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Martha Stewart Omnimedia Marketing Plan

Martha Stewart Omnimedia Marketing Plan
Martha Stewart firm MSO, is a leading creator of how-to
contents and related products and services for homemakers. The company started in 1976 and went public in October of 1999. The day the company went public, Martha Stewart went to wall to serve croissants, muffins, and scrambled eggs to shocked traders. By the end of the day the company raised 2.3 billion in working capital (Stewart, 2001) .
Stewart’s business is built around seven core content areas, home cooking, and entertainment, gardening, crafts, holidays, keepings and weddings. Each of these areas are covered by a library of articles, books, television programs, newspaper columns, radio segments and products. The companies two strategic objectives are: providing how-to content and information to consumers and also turning them into doers, giving them the products they need for do it yourself projects,
"the Martha Stewart way" (Stewart,2001).
Martha’s products are sold at Kmart stores, online, National department stores and the Martha by mail catalog. The firm corporate strategy is diversification. They want to expand the companies merchandising and reduce dependency on founder Martha Stewart. Focusing on the customer as mentioned in chapter five
(McCarthy & Jerome E.,1999) and the internet has brought MSO success. In chapter eight marketing research is discussed stating the different methods to obtain data. MSO has a highly experienced team of creative and business personnel and an extensive research and development process. Chapter nine question "who winning the battle of the brands?" ((McCarthy & Jerome E., 1999) MSO with the "Martha Stewart Way" and her
slogan "Its a Good Thing" have created a well know brand and a following of consumers (Stewart, 2001). MSO’s strategy to reduce the dependency of Martha Stewart is mentioned in chapter ten. Mentioning that the firm needs various product mixes. MSO has a great plan, as mentioned in Chapter 21, this is very important for success. MSO has a broad media platform, highly experienced and creative personnel and an extensive product line.
They have captured a niche of do-it yourself and Martha followers as many companies are trying to do today.
EDS, the company I work for is doing the same thing with catchy Computer Consulting Service commercials and magazine
ads. Giving the consumer the company’s can do anything attitude.


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