mid summer night s dream

In the play A “Mid Summer Night’s Dream,” William Shakespeare tells the tale of quarelling between lovers ( Lysander, Demetrius, Helena, and Hermia), companions (Oberon, and Titania) friends (The Players), and the Wedding planners (Theseus Hippolyta, and Egeus). These quarrels, which are subplots, develop the theme Shakespeare lays before his audience. Through the adventures the characters experience, a common theme is set among all the parties in the play. The theme is the understanding of the importance of coming together.
The first subplot starts between the wedding planners. These characters discuss wedding between Demetrius and Hermia. They are the parental figures of the play. The most important figure of this plot is Theseus, the Duke, who is so consumed with honor that he gives Hermia an altermadum of either death, life as a nun, or marriage to Demetrius. He tells her “either to die the death. . . endure the livery of a nun. . . . or yield to your father’s choice(1440).” This leads to the establishment of the next subplot.
The second subplot derives from Hermia’s wish to escape from her altermadum. She loves Lysander, who loves her back, yet is forced to marry Demetrius. Demetrius loves her, but is pestered by Helena, who loves him. Therefore Lysander develops a plan for Hermia to escape her obligations and run away. He tells her that he has “a widow aunt” who “hath no child” whose house is “remote.” He also tells her that in this remote location, he will “marry thee” and not to fear because the “sharp Athenian law cannot pursue” the lovers(1442). Yet Hermia tells Helena of her excursion, and Helena ends up telling Demetrius. Demetrius, in fury, goes after his love and Helena, who loves Demetrius, follows her love. In the end, the four quarreling lovers end up in the forest.