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Middle East

The Middle East has always been in conflict, from biblical times, to the crusades, and on
through modern times. Since around 1900, the conflict has primarily been between two
groups, Jews and Arabs. During this time, the British occupied the land and under their
control the conflict remained minimal. But within months of their departure, and the
division of the land between Israel and the surrounding Arab nations, war broke out. The
Arabs were unhappy with the UN's divisions of the land, and in an attempt to obtain the
land, which they believed was rightfully theirs; they attacked the State of Israel. To the
surprise of many, the armies of Egypt, Syria and Jordan fell to Israeli troops and instead
of gaining land, they lost it. Almost twenty years later war broke out once more. This
time Egypt had blocked off the Straits of Tiran, which supplied most of Israel's exports,
and mobilized most of their fighting army on the border with Israel. Israel, instead of
waiting for Egypt to attack first, Israel made the first move and attacked Egypt. Israel
destroyed almost all of Egypt's bombers while they were still on the ground. Syria and
Jordan both responded to this attack with an aerial assault on a few Israeli bases and war
was waged. The war only lasted six days, hence the name The Six-Day War, and during this
time Israel more than doubled its territory. They secured the Golan Heights to the north,
the hills of Judea and Summaria to the east, and the Gaza Strip and the Sinai desert to
the south. Besides the Sinai Desert, which was returned to Egypt as part of a peace
agreement, most of these lands are part of Israel today. The Yom Kippur War was latter
fought between the same countries but in this war no territory was gained or lost.

Palestinians, as they are now called, were the people that were left in the territories
that were capture by Israel in the Six-Day War. Palestinians were unwanted by the
countries of their origin, even specifically told to stay in Israeli refugee camps, and
were forced to stay in Israel. The Palestinians now claim that the land is theirs and that
Israel stole it from them. In response to the Israeli "theft" of their land, Palestinian
terrorist groups have sent suicide bombers into prominent city squares, heavily populated
markets, and on to multiple buses; all in the attempt of regaining the land that they
believe is theirs. Even though these bombings occur virtually weekly, the rest of the
world pushes Israel towards peace. Thousands of Israeli men, woman, and children have been
killed, most of them civilians, and the US persuades Israel to make concessions, that they
should surrender to the terrorist's demands. Besides the fact that peace would be allowing
terrorism to prevail, peace is an impossible proposition, because the man that Israel is
negotiating peace with isn't part of the terrorist groups. Another Reason why peace is not
a reasonable option for Israel, is they rightfully own the land and they have no reason to
give it back. For these reasons, peace with the Palestinians isn't possible and isn't
beneficial to Israel.2

The United States' demand for Middle East peace in hypocritical. Since the September 11th
incident, they have been saying that they must strike in response and find Osama Ben Laden
so they can show the world that terrorism won't be tolerated. Yet Israel is expected to
tolerate terrorism. Since the attack the United States created a "list" of terrorist
groups yet Islamic Jihad, Hamas, and Hezbola weren't put on the "list", they aren't
considered terrorist groups by the US. Groups that kill place bombs in populated areas and
kill innocent civilians aren't considered terrorists. Israel retaliates to these bombings
in the same way as the US does yet Israel is shown admonished for these actions. Israel in
a similar situation as the United States but only the Israel is seen as committing
appalling acts. The US doesn't make peace with Afghanistan why should Israel?

After Israel gives the land to the Palestinians there is guarantee the acts of terror will
stop. In 1995 Yiztchok Rabin and Yasser Arafat had agreed on a peace treaty. Peace was
supposed to be at hand. Yet the problems are no different the situation is worse than when
the treaty was agreed on. This treaty, which the Palestinians agreed on, was useless.
Ultimately it did nothing but hand cities over to the Palestinains.3

If Israel was to agree to a peace treaty they would be, besides giving in to terrorism,
getting only a promise on paper, and the Palestinians would receive land, something
concrete. The Palestinians wouldn't give up anything; Israel would be the one making the
sacrifices. Israel won the war in 1967, they own the land, and have military superiority
over the Palestinians who lack any semblance of army and Israel would be the only one
making concessions.

Israel owns the land in question; the Palestinians never owned that land but this land is
treated as if it doesn't belong to Israel. On most American maps of the Middle East, the
Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and the Golan Heights are marked as disputed Territory.
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