Midsummer Nights

Love. Everyone thinks they will fall in love or be in love with someone else at
one point in there life.Love is a very strong word, in A Midsummer Nights Dream by
William Shakespear, it was used to its full potential. It could be true love or jus an
infatuation that you think is love but it really isnt. First there was the love between
Theseus and Hippolyta, which lasted though out the whole play. Then Lysander and
Hermia were in love but Demitrius also loved Hermia but that was change later by
Oberon. L ater Demetrius falls back in love with Helena but only because he was put
under a spell. In this play there were many relationships between all the charaters.
I think the play A Midsummer Nights Dream reflects deep truths about love and

In Norrie Epstiens essay there were many good points. Most of them were
about how all the chatacters were interchangable and how they fell in love. Her
most important point was how love becomes a spell. Love dose become a spell or at
least seems like one because you dont function right when your in love. That happens
alot in this play with Helena and Lysander. Like when Lysander is told that he can
not marry Helena he tries to do whatever he can to try to get the duke to let them
marry. He even was gonna try to sneak out of athens with Helena jus so they can be
together and that makes the reader think that he would not do that if they werent in
love. Another good point that Epstien had was that love transforms a mortal into a
rarety of imperfection. When people are in love with each other they try to act
perfect so that dont make a bad impression. The person thinks that if they act
perfect around the person they think they “love” that they will start to “fall in love”
with each other. That isnt how it works every time though so you are doing all that
work for nothing. This is what is meant by transforming and it happens alot in real
life and in the play.