midsummernights dream

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Midsummer Nights Dream is filled with important forces that affect the outcome of the play. Midsummer day is believed to be the day that spirits and witches are active; Diana, the Green World, and night, are related to transformation, discovery, and personal Growth. The idea of love is reflected on throughout the play. Society says that teenagers are too young to fully understand the meaning of love. Shakespeare illustrates that even the most powerful people in society are ignorant and immature when love is the issue. There are no rules to follow or tests to take to see if one is actually in love. Love is an abstract feeling that one cannot explain. The problem with this is that there is no way to find out if you are actually in love. Luckily the two young couples have Diana to help them along their way of self-discovery. Shakespeare recognizes that they cannot love until they grow up and resolve their personal problems. The night protects and instructs the lovers and helps them look introspectively. The darkness of the night impairs the
young lovers vision and forces them to use other