Joannes Chrisotomos Wolfgang Gotieb Mozart was born to Leopold and Anna-Maria Mozart on January 27, 1756 in Salzburg, Austria. Mozart\'s name is the way it is because January 27 was dedicated to John Chrisotomos, Patriarch of Constantinople and patron saint of orators. Gotieb is "beloved of God", in Latin Amadeus. Wolfgang was in honor of his maternal grandfather, Wolfgang Nikolaus Pertl. As an adult he would sign Himself as "Wolfgang Amade Mozart." Not much is known about his early life. At the age of four he had showed extraordinary powers of musical memory and ear-sophistication that his father, Leopold who was a highly esteemed violinist and composer, decided to sign Mozart up for harpsichord lessons. Then at five Mozart was composing music and at six, he was a keyboard vituoso, so much so that Leopold took Wolfgang and his sister on tour to Munich and Vienna. from then on, young Mozart was continuously performing and composing music. Wherever he displayed his talents people were stunned at his divine gifts. When in his teens he had mastered the piano, violin, and harpsichord, and was now writing keyboard pieces, oratorios, symphonies and operas. His first major opera, Mitridate, was preformed in Milan in 1770 and the critics compared him to Handel.
Mozart was installed as the concertmaster in the orchestra of the Archbishop of Salzburg at the amazing age of fifteen.