my daydreams

My Daydreams

Understanding My Day Dreams:

I tend to daydream continuously. I can sit in a class a drift off to a different world or some future event in my life. In my mind I have the ability to do anything. If I wont to be the hero, I imagine it. If I wont to win the girl, I can. If I wont to tell off the ass hole I didnít have the guts to confront earlier, I do it in the silence of my mind. In my head there are no variables, there is only certainty, and I control everything.

When daydreaming I believe I have different levels of consciousness. A daydream that will remain clearest in my memory will be the one that I get completely lost in. These daydreams range from seconds to many minutes. I tend to start by staring at something and then, in a sense, releasing my mind. I see events that have passed, or that beautiful girl I saw last week. At times I see events that are still to come in my day being resolved. My daydreams are hard to track because they are so common and are not always initiated consciously.

I believe that these daydreams help to ease the load on my conscious mind. An argument can be resolved by a fistfight in my head, or confused plans for the dayís events can be resolved without the confusion of conscious processing. Daydreams also allow me to see different sides of a story or to see different alternatives that did not exist in my conscious. Daydreams in my life seem to be my release valve. Anything that I canít resolve in the hassle and bustle of everyday life seems to work itself out in my daydreams. This doesnít mean that I only seek closure in my daydreams, they are only temporary alternatives or idea providers for real life events. I also believe that daydreams can be a distraction from real life and cause problems when I attempt to play them out in real life. In real life all girls donít think of me as Don Won Demarko.

Daydreams can be, and are helpful to everyday life. But on the other hand they can take away from everyday life by raising expectations that previously might not have existed. Daydreams are what you make them and I think everyone has different levels of daydreaming set up to meet their personal needs, and only the daydreamer can regulate those trips to la la land.