One of the big problems not fully appreciated with current ideas in nano technology research is the energy requirement for the development of shuttles and using it to carry the bots to other planets. First of all, the design of the shuttle would have to be very intricate because it would have to be able to manage to intense cold since it has to travel farther and farther away from the sun. And as for the probes that are going to build a base for colonization, it requires a new type of energy unlike solar power because as it travels farther, there would not be enough solar energy to make the bots function. Battery-charged energy would also fail because the probes are designed to stay on the planet long enough to build the base. A new type of energy that the group created is some type of regenerative energy that is built inside the probes. This allows the probes the period of time to build the base.
Another requirement or idea that is needed for our invention that is not present in the world today is some sort of advanced satellite transmission. Since the probes have to travel very far, it has to be able to transmit information that is collected from its exploration on the planets. The present technology does not allow satellite transmission, for example, in Pluto. That is the reason why we need new and improved satellites. Another method is to place better satellites that are able to withstand extreme weather changes, between the planets in intervals. For example, we would position a satellite at Saturn and one near the Earth. The probe would be able to send information from Pluto to the satellite near Saturn. Then the satellite would transmit the info to the satellite located near Earth.