No one ever really thought that Skymat would ever end up looking the way it did, or run the way it is run. In the early 21st century the Ceo of Microtel and the Owners of Cybertech Inc., and Logics Inc branded together to start a colony of Americas most aristocratic citizens and put them somewhere. That somewhere took 4 years to decide and only after hundreds and hundreds of hours on consultation and thought, did Jean Marque Luquette of Logics decide that it could be done in the sky of our Earth. It was a great idea with the technology of the 24th century. No one thought it was possible but yet unscathed and determined the trio continued in their quest for a place in history. For about the next twenty years every technician, astrophysicist, and anyone else who would put some matter of thought into the ideas was met with and asked for their help. Unfortunately the same answer was given over and over again,” The magnitude of such a creation is beyond our technological capabilities, sorry!” Thirty-Seven million dollars later and nothing to show the idea was scrapped and the project eliminated. It was not until the year of 2659 that the idea of putting such a city in the clouds was brought up again. Marcus Vent whose lineage traced back to Marque Luquette was a multi multi mutli trillionare with many connections and many influential friends. The word is that alone Marcus has more money then the next five richest men under him combined. Marcus had grown up reading science fiction books and had an imagination that got him in trouble quite a bit but never the less kept him wondering. His favorite book was “Skymat” written by the grandson of John McCleod the once former owner of Microtel. In it was the details of what his grandfather and his two colleagues proposed to do but did not have the equipment nor the technology to match their imaginations. Marcus read this book many hundred times and only later did he evolve a serious fascination for such a creation. Marcus vowed to build a city of such magnitude and create it exactly the way the three men had thought it up. In the year of 2707 and at the age of 87 Marcus was able to announce the inauguration of his new city. Only the most elite of the fine folk were given invitations to attend and live in this modern marvel as well as bring along their family. The dimensions of Skytel ended up to be quite a bit larger than anyone ever thought possible. The city in it self was 43 miles long and 27 miles wide as to give it a sort of rectanglish look to it. It was completely enclosed by a clear bubble as not to hinder the view. Their were four rural suburbs located around a central downtown with skyscrapers twice as tall as any ever known to man. Since there were no storms, wind, or any other catastrophic possibilites building height was not a problem. The Genius part of the whole network was how it stayed in the air and what kept it there. There were four gigantic generators each about 2 miles squared. Each one alone was powered by telekinetics. That is the energy given off by the people on the surface. Every square centimeter of the ground was covered with sensors that collected the energy and stored it in the generators. Now the tricky part was how it stayed in the air. The technology used had never been seen before, it took the brainpower of 2,000 scientist combined to make it work. In the middle of the city on the bottom half was an anti gravitational pull machine 15 miles wide 17 miles long that used the force of earths gravity, reversed it so that instead of it pulling on it pushed it up and kept it stable, and in place. To keep it from moving left to right there were four turbo jets on each side that give off sudden blasts of wind if the computers read that the city has moved even a half of an inch either way. It’s all self-sufficient.

Within the city there