This bo ok is set in the future, where you can connect to a virtual reality data space called the M atrix. It ' s very alike the internet but you are more "jacked in", you are IN the M atrix.

We find our main character, Case, in some sort of criminal zone in J apan. He is at the brink of destruction; he's suicidal, does drugs and lives by the day.
He was once the best " conso le cowboy " , as they put it, also known as a hacker, out there . O ne day h e broke his only rule - he stole fro m his employers. In an act of revenge, i nstead of simply reclaiming t he money and killing him , they did something far worse. They inject ed some sort of neurotoxin, whic h , in a painful process , destroyed his ability to connect with the M atrix.

Devastated and desperate he searched for a cure , and since everyone know s J apan has the best neurosurgeons, he has spent his last yea r here, trying different surgerie s with little to no s ucces s . Now he's out of hope and in a downward spir al heading towards suicide. This is where the book begins .

Case is tracked down by M olly, a street samurai that does all the dirty work for the people she is working for, which in this case is Armitage, an ex military officer. Armitage offers to heal Cases' neurodamage for his services as a hacker. He accepts and Armitage provides the technology to repair his damage to a clinic and Case is healed. After the surgery Ca se is not allowed to enter the M atrix fo r nine days. In this time, he and M olly build a personal relationship. They have sex and Molly tells him that Armitage might not be whom he claims , and that he has gotten a lot more influence and money recently. Molly doesn't know why and she asks C ase to look into it.

In addition to what Molly told him, Case also discovers that he has poison sacs in his blood vessel , the same that removed his ability to enter the M atrix in the first place. After confronting Armitage on the matter, Case is ensu red that the poison sacs will be removed if he completes his mission in time , otherwise they will dissolve and cripple C ase again. This leaves Case no option but to cooperate with A rmitage.

This book is very similar to the movie called M atrix. So mu ch that one start s to think that this book inspired the creation of Matrix . Although there are many similarities, there are also quite a few differences to take into consideration . One example of the differences of the two tales is that the persons in the book connect to the Matrix as opposed to disconnecting from it , as it is described in the film. Another relevant example is that the main character of the book hardly tr ies to fight the system; he prefers to be in the M atrix, whereas in the film the mai n character is struggling to b reak free from the M atrix.

As the story progresses we learn that there is an artificial intelligence, or AI, called Wintermute, whose objective is to merge with another AI called Neuromancer . Case , Molly and A rmitage among others, is a team set together by Win termute to help him reach his goals . We also learn that Armitage once had a bigger role , but now he has been made into just a servant of Wintermute. I find this quite disappointing since Armitage could have bee n such an interesting character, oh well .

The story ends with Case expressing affection for a hallucination or hologram; it is slightly unambiguous which, of his deceased previous girlfriend inside the M atrix, thus showing u s that he has somewhat changed from the person he was in the beginning of the s tory. Following this, Wintermute then merges with Neuromancer,