No Hidden Meaning Here

The Beatles were one of the top bands in the sixties with over two hundred songs recorded (Artist Facts: The Beatles). Many Beatles songs were said to have a hidden meaning, often thought to be referring to drugs like LSD, such as in the songs “Help” and “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”. A few other songs like “I Am a Walrus,” “I Call Your Name,” “If I Fell,” “I Am a Loser,” “I’m So Tired,” and many more, are said to have a second meaning as well (Cross). One particular song that is debatable as to whether there is hidden meaning to the song is entitled “For No One;” written by Paul McCartney, for The Beatles’ Revolver Album (Song Facts: For No One). There are those who feel that there is a hidden meaning to the song other than a broken relationship, and then there are those who feel that this song has no hidden meaning, it simply is a poetically written break-up song.
When one really listens to the words of this song ones first thoughts are that it is a song about lost love; well that is because it is. The line “Your day breaks. Your mind aches,” is the first line of the song and here McCartney is saying that an unknown man’s first thoughts of the day go to the unknown woman; she is thought about so much that it makes the head hurt. The line “You find that all the words of kindness linger on, when she no longer needs you,” is simply saying that this man has only good thoughts and feelings toward this woman, but she doesn’t feel the same way for the man. These lines, though artfully composed, have a straight forward meaning.
Then next lines switch over to the woman’s perspective, “She wakes up, she makes up, she takes her time and doesn’t feel she has to hurry.” These lines are saying that when this woman wakes up she nonchalantly goes about her morning routine, with no thought of the man. “She no longer needs you,” simply restates what was previously said, that this woman does not have the same feelings for this man, as the man does for her. These lines, as well, are very straight forward, with no alter-meaning.
The lines that make up the refrain, “And in her eyes you see nothing, no sign of love behind the tears, cried for no one,” are poetically written, but still no hidden meaning. All these lines tell one is that this unknown woman’s cry is only for effect, the tears do not actually mean anything, and there is no real emotion to this elaborate show she is putting on; if anything she is crying only for herself. Then the line “A love that should have lasted years,” tells one that the man never saw this coming, the sudden change of feeling this woman had for him completely threw him off guard.
The previous line also alludes to the next verse, which jumps back to the man’s perspective. “You want her, you need her, and yet you don’t believe her when she said her love is dead, you think she needs you,” is saying that this guy is confused and in complete denial of what is happening. This man thought every thing was going fine with the relationship, then out of no where she is gone. Then after this verse the refrain comes in and brings us to the following verse.
“You stay home, she goes out,” is another line that has obvious meaning to it, he is still mourning her loss, and she has moved on and is looking for the next man. “She says that long ago she knew someone, but now he’s gone,” is most likely a line the woman is saying to her new love. “She doesn’t need him,” is restating the fact that she has moved on in her life and no longer feels for him.
The following verse repeats the lines “Your day breaks, your mind aches,” and then comes in with “There will be time when all the things she said will fill your head,” which still have the same meaning as before, when he starts his day his head is filled with memories of her and her