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Noam Chomsky

Journal on The Manufacture of Consent

In Noam Chomsky's film I have learned quite a few things about life in a

democratic society. This film has made think in a three dimensional way for whom is

really right, Noam Chomsky or those who he calls "Elites". I have come to the

conclusion that Noam Chomsky is right, for his claim is very convincing which is

that the media is controlled by the elites who determine what the public should

know. How exactly does Chomsky prove all this to make sense? Well, he

explained that the governments, corporations and the other elites manufacture the

consent of the public to serve their own interests.

Chomsky explains to get the consent of the public is to by saying that some

sort of thought control is what the large media groups do and this thing they do is

they manufacture consent by use of propaganda. I wondered since this is a

peoples country, why we let the elites tell us what we can know and not know by

not even knowing the elites do this to us? Chomsky answered this to, by saying

that many of the large media corporations are owned by a small group of

corporations in which these elites set the agenda on what the public should know.

Well how can these major corporations get away with this? Well, Chomsky says

that the elites are about 20% of the population and these 20% are the ones usually

contributing to running these corporations and or educating new elites as the old

elites pass on and the other 80% of the populations are just people who are non-

educated to the collegiate level and they dont really rely on anybody else except

themselves so they don't vote or think a lot about politics. This is why the average
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