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Gentlemen’s Agreement

a. The issue in this film was anti-Semitism. The movie was made after world war two, to show how being anti- Semitic was wrong and how people should fight it instead of just ignoring the issue.

b. In the Gentlemen’s Agreement, one of the actors is an author writing a book and he pretends to be Jewish for six weeks. This makes the issue easier for the audience because they can relate to this man. Yet, this will shock the audience because it would make no sense for a white man to give up all the privileges of being white anglo saxon just to see how it was to be Jewish.

c. The movie Gentlemen’s Agreement was a success. It did very well in the box office, and it won many awards. I think it had a good impact on that society because it bought the issue to light and any movie that would dare bring a controversial issue forward especially in those time would be a major success for society as a whole. I believe the film really does not have much to say to today’s audience because this generation of people going to the movies is so multicultural and diverse. Also, the themes in today’s movies are so much stronger and the filmmakers are being bolder in the movies they are producing.