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TTH 11:30 9/2/99
The Magazine Assignment

1. The claim of this ad is you should buy this scanner because it’s easy to use. In the ad it says “one touch scanning” which means the scanner is very quick and easy to use.

2. This is a claim of value because the scanner company feels that other scanners are difficult to use so this ad shows how easy it is to use. This company values quick and easy scanners, in oppose to the difficult traditional scanners.

3. The support is that it says “one touch scanning to e-mail, printer, file, or fax.” The picture also shows a guy in a full body case with one finger free and the main lettering says “Thank God , he can still scan.” This is showing it only takes one finger to operate this scanner.

4. The warrant is mainly the name of the company –AGFA- and the creditbility of this company.

5. The intended audience is anyone interested in computers that believes scanners or computers in general are hard to use or people who are comp