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There was 3 men who had heard about going on a mountain and getting healed from their problems. So they all went to the mountain. The first guy from Virginia who was deaf and God asked him \'Can I help you son?\' The guy started signing in sign language that he would be so happy if he could only hear, so God touched him and he got his hearing . So God then asked the second guy from Kentucky who was blind \'What can I do for you, my son?\' The second guy said, \'Oh God if I could only see I would be so happy.\' So God touched him and he got his sight. Meanwhile the third guy was standing back with his mouth wide open in amazement. So God then looked at the thrid guy who was from west va and asked him \'what can i do for you \' the thrid guy stepped back, and god asked again, he stepped way back and yelled, \'Don\'t lay one finger on me God, I am on total disability.\'