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In this paper I will be going over the ethical views of the Holocaust. I have taken information from the accounts of surviving Jews of the Holocaust. I have also looked at information from those who believe the Holocaust was not a big deal and deny that many of the events even happened. I will bring up some viewpoints that may change people’s perception of the Holocaust. Some of these facts were a shock to me and changed my view a little but some are so profound they make you think twice. The biggest impact from all my research was the real life accounts of those who survived through it. Many of this information are hard to read, but I felt that is was a subject that I would like to learn more about. Doing this paper enlightened me and brought to attention many things to my attention. My hope with this paper is to do the same for those who read it. I want the reader to question what happened and draw a conclusion as to what they feel. I know my feelings on the holocaust and I will express my feelings on it through out the paper.
There were many people to survive the holocaust. Many of these people have chosen to tell their story of what happened. Many of these wrote their experience in book form. One of these people lives in the State of Maine now. Her name is Judith Magyar Isaacson. She wrote a book titled Seed of Sarah. This book is the memoirs of her experience as Jew during the holocaust. She starts her book off talking about her life before the reign of Hitler. She talks about her mother and her father and offers some photos of them in the book.
She talks of the appearance that a Jew had and how she admired her father’s straight nose. She dreaded getting her mothers nose because it becomes bent halfway down the bridge. She dreaded this not because it was ugly but because it was not the Aryan look. Hitler had declared that the perfect human being was an Aryan. The look composed a very proportional face. They had very exact measurement techniques to determine this. The person had to have blond hair and blue eyes. This was the look that every German citizen was supposed to strive for. For the Jewish community this was impossible. The Jews have a very large nose in proportion to the rest of their face. And their complexion was very dark, with dark hair and dark eyes. The Nazi’s was the political party that Hitler ran. They were all encouraged looking like this and were also encouraged to keep a fit well-groomed appearance. From seeing the photos of her father you see that her father did not follow this example of the perfect male at all.
In the book she describes the stripping of the soul and your personal being. They lived in Hungary before the holocaust. The Hungarian government gave up there Jewish people very quickly. They did not defend their people at all. They decide that it was easier to give Hitler their Jews instead of fighting them off. This takes away a little bit of your soul also. I can not even imagine my country giving me up and letting a leader form a different country take me away to kill me. This would be a very hard concept to deal with. You can not count on anything to save you if your own country will not even help you.
Ounce they were all rounded up like cattle they were put into ghettos where they lived until being sent to the concentration camps. When they went in to the ghettos they were searched and stripped of all their valuables. The German soldiers would search their packs and take whatever they pleased. And female S.S. officers searched the women\'s privates searching for valuables that may have hidden. They were mainly searching for gold. Once in the ghettos many people were killed there. Or often they would commit suicide. In the case of the memoirs her father committed suicide.
The real stripping of who they were did not come until they were put into the concentration camps. They were