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Land of the Hated, Home of the Ignorant

As young Americans, we consider the fact that social change has occurred and in some places, will occur. When we think of racism, we remember greats and their accomplishments such as Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. We consider those crucial times as hardships that arose in a different lifetime. After reading stories concerning racism, witnessing race related fights, or hearing someone mutter a racist comment, we must ask ourselves if the country we live in is truly “The Land of The Free and Home of The Brave,” or a country full of ignorant souls who can not get past the fact that this country is not theirs and never was. These same ignorant citizens have a common fear that the entrance of other unwanted races into their community will raise crime rates by committing burglary, rape and assault. In response to that fear, they hate, and in reply to the hate, there are combats against discrimination such as affirmative action that relieve some of the pressures of being a colored person in this country.
Welcome to the Antelope Valley. We are a dry climate region located in between the San Bernadino Mountains to the south and the Mojave Desert to our north. With a quick forty five minute drive over the southern mountains, you will have full access to the San Fernando Valley. Due to Los Angeles’s expanding crime rate in the early 90’s, you fear that raising your child in such “tough” neighborhoods would influence him/her in choosing an incorrect path in life. You also feel buying a home here (either being Palmdale and Lancaster) is a great investment and in ten years, the value of the area will increase, leaving nothing but a profit in your name. While entering, you will feel a sense of promise in this great area. It is proud to reward its citizens with the Edwards Air Force base, a community college with promising university transfer rates and one of California’s largest malls. While driving to your destination, you see numerous amounts of “Just Opened” buildings with available office space, housing communities where you cannot tell one house apart from the other and many recreational parks with little league sign ups available. It is your classic all American city where the men go to work while the wife stays home with the kids, WalMart is your favorite place to shop and the high school football teams are known throughout California. In spite of this, we must remember that when something sounds too good to be true it usually is.
We have now entered the 21st century, and the Antelope Valley which was once populated by working-middle class whites, has taken a turn for the worse. It was virtually impossible for the tremendous growth and affordability to be kept a secret from investors. William Finnegan, opinionated author of A Cold New World, who not only covers the downfall of the valley but also the uprising of its racism, feels that the addition of these potential investors (most of Latino or African American descent) began to worry this “…overwhelmingly white…” (272) population. With the already existing white supremacist groups such as the KKK, White Aryan Resistance and the Nazi Low Rider skinheads considered a problem with the conservative residents of the valley; this would be the start of what Finnegan considers a “Racial Holy War” (292). After several interviews with these supremacist members of a variety of clans, Finnegan recalls one with Tim Malone, a member of the Nazi Low Riders. Tim stated that he and his clan “believe in Hitler’s ways” (288). As history recalls, Hitler felt that the presence of Jews was unnecessary and, as a result, exterminated millions of them in the process. With young residents holding a mentality of Hitler’s, the general public of Los Angeles county should be concerned.
There was a widespread feeling of anxiety throughout the valley that many of these young children were unsupervised, leaving them to commit juvenile acts, resort to finding their own after school hangouts. Debbie Turner, (a mother of one of the girls interviewed in this article) like most working parents in the area was mislead about the people her adolescent daughter was