NT Server

NT Server 4.0 study notes
How do you move a PDC or a BDC to a new domain? Change the Domain Name
System Policy Editor will allow you to restrict logon times - true or false? False
What is the correct syntax to start a program such as Network Monitor with a low priority start /low netmon
A local group is located in each computers account database
Why would you run Win16 apps in a separate NTVDMS? To allow a Win16 app to interoperate with other apps in a separate memory space
Will it minimize memory used No
Will you be able to run Win16 apps which rely on shared memory to exchange data No
If you have multiple Mac subnets attached to multiple Nics and only one subnet can see the server, what is wrong? You need to enable routing in the AppleTalk Protocol config dialog box
What files are required for a boot disk on a machine with SCSI drives with their bios enabled NTLDR NTDETECT.COMBOOT.INI
When do you need the NTBOOTDD.SYS file? If your SCSI controller does not have itís BIOS enabled?
When will the BOOTSECT.DOS file be required? When you need to boot into another OS on your system, such as MS-DOS or Win95
What is the proper syntax for sending a print job to a TCP/IP printer on a Unix host? Lpr -S [IP address of Unix Host] -P [Printer Name] [filename] Both S and P are capitalized
What is the Directory Replication Service Interval? Interval at which the export computer checks for changes to the replicated directories
Do Shares use forward slash or backslash in the pathname? Backslash, same as DOS commands
Do Internet names use forward slash or backslash in the path? Forward slash - (as per Unix)
What is the first step you should take when one disk in a mirror set fails Break the mirror
What is the name of the application which examines memory dump files, extracts info and writes the info to a text log? Dumpexam
What can you do if you suspect a bottleneck because too many Win95 clients are trying to access the same policy file? Use Policy Editor to enable load balancing on the Win95 clients
What two files are required in the Winnt.exe command line in order to setup multiple machines, including applications without physically being at the client computer? UNATTEND.txt and the file name of the .UDF
What switch calls the UDF? /U
If you have Administrator Services loaded on a Win95 client can you manage the DHCP Server on your PDC? No - the DHCP service can only be managed locally
Which method of licensing is the default when you install a new copy of NT Server 4? What is the other method? Per Server - other is Per Seat
What types of networks is the default licensing option good for Small networks or internet attached machines
Why would you switch from the default licensing option? As you add servers, each client would need a separate license for each server they attach to. Per Seat licensing allows the client to connect to as many Servers as necessary?
Are Sparc Ultra RISC machines supported by NT Server 4.0 No
Are PA RISC machines supported by NT Server 4.0 No
What does the OSLOADER.EXE program do? On a RISC machine it replaces the functions of NTLDR, NTDETECT.COM and BOOTSECT.DOS on a PC
What do you use to configure IIS? Internet Service Manager Program
What TCP/IP protocols are supported by IIS FTP, HTTP and Gopher
Is there any user data on the ERD No
Which versions or types of Netware servers require that you specify a Default Tree and Context? Those not using Bindery Emulation - Netware 4.x
Which versions or types of Netware servers require that you specify a Preferred Server? Netware 3.x or those using Bindery Emulation
What is an NDS tree? Netware equivalent of a Domain
What is the default frame type used by NT Server 4.0 802.2
Which versions of Netware use 802.3 frames pre 3.12 (1+2=3 "802."3") 3.12 actually uses 802.2 frame types - industry standard
What is the role of a Member Server (stand alone server) database server, communications, resource server etc - do not authenticate users
Where do you add display adapter drivers In the Display applet in Control Panel
Where do you change the Mouse Pointer Icons? In the Mouse applet in Contol Panel
What partition are the WinNT files on? Boot Partition
What partition are the boot files on? System Partition
How do you convert a FAT partition to an NTFS partition? If it is empty - reformat using Disk Administrator If it has files on it use the CONVERT.exe program from a DOS prompt.
Is Migration Tool