Owen An Anotated Bibliography


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criticizes Owen’s non-combatant attitude of the war. He disagrees with Owen fighting the war and then writing protesting poems against it.
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England Longman Group (1958) 29-36. This article discusses the influence that Sassoon had on Owen. Blunden also describes the influence that the war had on Owen’s poetry.
Braithwaite, Stanley. “Wilfred Owen, the Poet”. Boston Transcript 5 March 1921: This article discusses the surreal world of war in Owen wrote his poetry. He comments on Owen’s hard surfaces in which he writes his poems.
McDowell, Margaret B. Dictionary of Literary Biography Volume 20 British Poets
1914-1945. University of Iowa P. 258. McDowell describes Owen’s life and family problems. She also discusses Owen’s writing career in detail from start to finish. She brings to our attention that his religious faith and war experience brought out the best in his poetry since they are opposite and opposing subjects in most of society.
White, Gertrude M. Wilfred Owen. New York: Twayne Publishers, 1969. White
examines Owen and his poetry. She extensively reviews his poetic skills and the
birth of his success as a poet after his death.