Delorean Terrell
4th pd.10/9/01

American Classes

"There are only two families in the world ,my old grandmothe use to say,the haves and the have-not\'s( cervanto,Don Quito).This specific quote states that not all people show the quality of life.However in America diffences from class to classbut our quality of life is still better.

How important life is to the less fortunate people(poor people) in America. The American poor person can move from class to class if he works hard enough.many indigent people want to live like the average american but he has to work hard at it to get it.many americans start out like the average americanand end up being homeless and have to start over in life.Other americans work at breakbacking jobs to survive another day in amrica. This relates to the poor surving american and how he moves to poor to average american.

How important life is to the average working american.The average american lives in an apartment and has a job and is able to pay for his or her own rent and also may hold a vehicle.The american person has more responsibility,but if he or she loses that responsabalilty they might end up losing something and falling into the lower class and has to work he\'s way back up to average class.Alsohe or she may move up to the upper class buy recieving some kind of weath like the lottery or found money etc.

How important life is to the weathy high class folk. The rich american person reall doesnt have to work any more and they dont have to worry about starving or clothes on their back. Really all they have to do is seat backand injoy life. Rich people also have more freedom but the same rights as any other american in any class.The rich people also can afford a better education that most average people.Weathy people also could lose thier money and move down to the average class even become poor it\'s possible just like moving up a class is.

In closing statement america differ from class to class but our quality of life life is still better.The different classes in america poor,average,weathy.They all live differently they all move from different classes of life.We all have been in a situation were we had to make a change inclass or a higher change of class this is americas way of life.