This kids phenomenon began as a hand-held video game and exploded across the globe, from trading cards to becoming the number one
rated television kids\' show on the popular cartoon programming Kids\' WB! The TV program is drawn in the manner of the old speed racer
cartoon with similar type voices. It began showing in syndication in September 1998 and within a few months shot to the top of the ratings
chart for children\'s programs.

The Pokémon phenomenon began in Japan in 1996, with Nintendo inciting a national craze when it introduced software for its Game Boy
portable video game system called "Pocket Monsters."

The name Pokémon, is short for POcKEt MONster, each have there own special fighting abilities. Pokémon is marketed as a creative
strategy game based on mythical creatures. Sounds like fun but its more than that, much more. You work your way to the top, perfecting
your skills by using your Pokémon to fight against other Pokémon trainers. The Pokémon game does get the kids to think, strategize and use
their memory skills. But thinking on what is the question that needs to be asked.

" Pokémon are incredible creatures that share the world with humans,\' says Professor Oak (on the program), the leading authority on these
monsters." There are currently over 150 documented species of Pokémon. The professor says "We need to deal with poke\'mon as
individuals just as we deal with people." Pokémon frequently take on the characteristics of the human who captured them.

The Pokémon song and mantra is heard on the program and written in the materials. "I want to be the very best like no one ever was, to
catch them is my real test to train them is my cause ."I will travel across the land Searching far and wide Each Pokémon to understand
the power that\'s inside. "Gotta catch them all!" Its you and me I know I know, its my destiny." Just about every child has
memorized this stanza.

The last line of the Pokémon mantra, "Gotta catch them all!" is used over and over again to have the kids desire and crave for collecting
more Pokémon paraphernalia. Whatever the creators of these Pocket monsters come out with the kids want they are hooked. Between the
TV commercial breaks a Poke\'mon comes flashed in a shadow shape and they all say in unison "Whose that Pokémon." The kids are to
recognize the certain character by its shape. Now remember there are over 150 of them so to do this takes quite some time to familiarize
themselves with the creatures. This becomes a whole new education for them to learn of these mythical creatures.

A Look at The characters

The story revolves around a 10 year old boy named Ash Ketchum (a boy and his friends). He is energetic and determined to become the
world\'s greatest Pokémon Master." Ash\'s goal and your child\'s is to become the greatest trainer in the world by collecting and raising
pokémon. His pet is Pikachu who looks like across between a cuddly rabbit and a rat. He has a lightning bolt shaped tail. (Raichu also has a
lightning bolt tail)

Misty a girl who is Ash\'s friend is described as "headstrong and stubborn . . . constantly quibbling with Ash." She is always giving him a
hard time, they are constantly arguing. Ash says she\'s always putting him down. Then there is the third member of the adventurous trio,
Brock who has uncontrolled hormones. Brock who is Ashes trouble making partner is girl crazy, he is infatuated with their perfume, dress
and shape. Every girl he sees he is in love with. Brock\'s fascination with the opposite sex often gets him and the gang into trouble. Brock
also has a temper (have you seen your child develop one?) and sometimes will hit Misty, who is his friend on the head, as in one case
because she wanted to reveal that he loves a certain girl.

Competition drives Ash making him obsessed with catching all the Pokémon. But it is not that easy he has enemies, Team rocket. A boy girl
team called Jessie & James (Jessie James remember him, the outlaw). Meoth is a Pokémon on team rocket who are the enemy are the