Politics in Alaska (Short overview)

The state of Alaska has proven to have a majority of Republican voters. From 1972 to 2004, this state has voted for all of the Republican candidates. This turns an obvious 100% of these elections with a Republican majority. This astounding statistic truly shows the interests on the voters in Alaska. These voting results prove this obvious conclusion along with all of the state’s government officials. The governor, representative, and two senators are all Republicans. The largest state in the country is a consistent supplier of natural resources as well as consistent and loyal voters to the Grand Old Party.
All major political parties are active in this great state, including the green, independent, and libertarian parties. Along with the well-establish Democratic Party, the popularity seems to lie on the GOP. The organization of Alaska Republicans is very strong, calling themselves “vigilant, dedicated, and victorious”. This gives an obvious confidence and sense of majority within the state. From a poll on the Alaska Republicans website, 49% of voters identify themselves as conservative republicans, with 18% ultra-conservative, 20% moderates, and 12% liberal republicans. This group has a strong set of core values and believes in strong defense for our nation. The Republican Moderate Party is also very active and was formed in 1986. They have a “Pledge of Honesty” that proves to be an integral part of their group. They claim to highly support intellectual integrity, equal rights, a right to privacy, and a pursuit of happiness. Though Alaska may not be the most politically prominent state, they surely have a high concentration of active Republicans that have established organizations and beliefs.