Presidentail Executive Orders

Executive Orders Issued by President Bill Clinton

What are Executive Orders?

Executive Orders are official documents, numbered consecutively, through which the President of the United States manages the operations of the Federal Government.
Some Executive Orders in the past have created new commissions, councils, task forces and committees; issued and allocated bonds; authorized permit issuance; etc.

40 Executive Orders issued by President Clinton

Date Document Titles

1. 2000-12-23 Executive Orders on Puerto Rico’s Status
2. 2000-12-23 Executive Orders on Adjustments of Certain Rates of Pay
3. 2000-12-07 Executive Order 13180 on Air Traffic Performance
4. 2000-12-07 Executive Order 13279 on Americas Nuclear Weapons Workers
5. 2000-12-04 Executive Order 13178 on Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Coral
6. 2000-12-04 Executive Order 13177 on Use of Offsets in Defense Trade
7. 2000-12-20 Executive Order on Protecting the Privacy of Protected Health
8. 2000-11-06 Executive Order 13175 on Indian Tribal Governments
9. 2000-10-06 Executive Order 13170 on Disadvantaged Business
10. 2000-10-06 Executive Order 13169 on Small Business Exporters
11. 2000-11-27 Executive Order 13176 on Facilitation of Presidential Transition
12. 2000-10-27 Executive Order 13174 on Economic Change in the New Economy
13. 2000-10-25 Executive Order 13172 on the Role of the National Task Force
14. 2000-10-25 Executive Order 13173 on the Central San Joaquin Valley
15. 2000-10-12 Executive Order 13171 on Hispanic Employment
16. 2000-09-22 Executive Order 13168 on Tobacco Production
17. 2000-09-15 Executive Order 13167 on Amendment to Executive Order 13147
18. 2000-08-11 Executive Order 13166 on Limited English Proficiency Services
19. 2000-08-09 Executive Order 13165 on White House Task Force on Drug Use
20. 2000-07-26 Executive Order 13164-Extrablishing Reasonable Accommodations
21. 2000-07-26 Executive Order 13163 on Employing People with Disabilities
22. 2000-07-10 Executive Order 13162 on the Federal Career Inter Program
23. 2000-06-30 Executive Order 13161 on Presidential Medal of Valor
24. 2000-06-23 Executive Order 13160 on Nondiscrimination
25. 2000-06-22 Executive Order 13159 on the Russian Federation
26. 2000-05-26 Executive Order 13158 on Marine Protected Areas
27. 2000-05-23 Executive Order 13157 on Woman-Owned Small Businesses
28. 2000-05-17 Executive Order 13156 on Amendment on Executive Order 12871
29. 2000-05-10 Executive Order 13155 on Access to HIV-AIDS Pharmaceuticals
30. 2000-05-03 Executive Order 13153 on Improving Low-Performing Schools
31. 2000-05-02 Executive Order 13152 Equal Employment Opportunities
32. 2000-05-03 Executive Order 13154 Establishing Kosovo Campaign Medal
33. 2000-02-08 Executive Order 13145 on Discrimination in Federal Employment
34. 1999-02-25 Executive Order 13114 on Council on Sustainable Development
35. 1999-04-14 Executive Order 13119 Combat Zone Designation
36. 2000-02-29 Executive Order 13146 on the Future of Princeville NC
37. 2000-03-08 Executive Order 13147 on Medicine Policy
38. 2000-04-21 Executive Order 13150 on Federal Workforce Transportation
39. 2000-04-21 Executive Order 13149 on Federal Fleet and Transportation
40. 2000-04-22 Executive Order 13148 on Environmental Management


By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including Public Law 106-346, it is hereby ordered as follows:
Section 1. Policy. It is the policy of the executive branch of the Government of the United States of America to help answer the questions that the people of Puerto Rico have asked for years regarding the options for the islands\' future status and the process for realizing an option. Further, it is our policy to consider and develop positions on proposals, without preference among the options, for the Commonwealth\'s future status; to discuss such proposals with representatives of the people of Puerto Rico and the Congress; to work with leaders of the Commonwealth and the Congress to clarify the options to enable Puerto Ricans to determine their preference among options for the islands\' future status that are not incompatible with the Constitution and basic laws and policies of the United States; and to implement such an option if chosen by a majority, including helping Puerto Ricans obtain a governing arrangement under which they would vote for national government officials, if they choose such a status.

Sec. 2. The President\'s Task Force on Puerto Rico\'s Status. There is established a task force to be known as "The President\'s Task Force on Puerto Rico\'s Status" (Task Force). It shall be composed of designees of each member of the President\'s Cabinet and the Co-Chairs of the President\'s Interagency Group on Puerto Rico (Interagency Group). The Task Force shall be co-chaired by the Attorney General\'s designee and a Co-Chair of the Interagency Group.

Sec. 3. Functions. The Task Force shall seek to implement the policy set forth in section 1 of this order. It shall ensure official attention to and facilitate action on matters related to proposals for Puerto Rico\'s status and the process by which an option can be realized. It shall provide advice and recommendations on such matters to the President and the Congress. It shall also provide advice and recommendations to assist the Executive Office of the President in fulfilling its responsibilities under Public Law 106-346 to transfer funding to the Elections Commission