Pressure of Being an Athlete

 Fans cheering in the stands, parents screaming their child’s name, while students cheer
on their peers, all things you hear while at a one of the two major sporting events, basketball
and football. What about those of us who play the sports that are placed in the shadow of these
two, are we not physically capable of what basketball and football players do? Do we not
deserve the same credit and kudos given to these athletes? While people always seem to talk
about the pressure of not being a athlete, think about the pressure on those who play softball,
tennis, and golf.. How many fans do you think we have at our games? Do you think we have at
least one cheerleader there to support us? Of course, we have that faithful group of parents their
to cheer us one, but its not like the feeling you have at a football game, where there is fifteen
(15) cheerleaders, 200 fans, and dozens of t-shirts representing their particular school. As a
member of a softball team I feel this pressure everytime I step on to the field and look into the
stands to see only our faithful five or six parents.Out of the twelve (12) games we did play only
one administrator attended, and for the rest of the season we played without any support.