Prince William

In this essay, Prince William will be discussed based on information obtained through research on him and his family including general and personal information on him, his schooling and the important influences in his life. Prince William Arthur Phillip Louis Windsor is one of the most known people in the world – despite the fact that he is only sixteen. This essay contains general information on Prince William, personal information, Prince Williams’s education and his life story – obtained from various magazine articles throughout his life. General information will include who Prince William is, where he was born, different forms of his name, and what other monarchists he is related to and how he is related to them. For personal information, Prince William’s physical description, his "likes and dislikes," and his personality will be discussed. His childhood schools will be mentioned and a description of Eton College will be included. The public can often obtain as much information on a famous person\'s life as they want and because of this abundance of information, Prince William\'s life will be detailed along with his influences in his life like Princess Diana, Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Henry, and Alexandria "Tiggy" Legge-Bourke. "History-to-History" will include another member of the royal family born in 1066 named William I "the Conqueror," who was as famous during his ruling period as much as Prince William is in the 1990s. This essay will cover the above topics.
Prince William of Whales is second in line of inheritance to the British throne after Prince Charles of Whales, who is first. He was born June 21, 1982 at 9:03 p.m. weighing seven pounds, ten ounces at Saint Mary\'s Hospital in Paddington, London after his mother endured seventeen hours of labor. When he was born, his father, Prince Charles said "Nearly seventeen hours is a long time to wait … Obviously, I am relieved, delighted…. I think it is marvelous. It is rather a grown-up thing, I have found. It is rather a shock." His christening occurred at Buckingham Palace on August 4, 1982. When Prince William was born, Prince Charles gave a press conference, as the entire country was excited with the birth of another potential King. A press member asked, "Does the baby have hair?" "It\'s blonde, sort of fairish," Prince Charles responded. "Have you picked a name yet?" Smiling, Charles replied, each word measured: "We have a few names in mind. You will have to ask my wife about that. There is an argument about it." Someone in the crowd yelled, "Is he the most beautiful baby in the world?" The Prince grinned, "He\'s not bad." "Is he like his dad?" someone else asked. "No," the Prince shot back. "He\'s lucky not to be." Then someone shouted, "Give us another one, Charlie!" implying that the country wanted more than just one possible King. Prince Charles shook his head then said, "You\'ll have to ask my wife about that…." He let his words drift for a moment and then shot back: "Bloody hell, give us a chance!" Currently, Prince William boards at Eton College, a high profile school with other students that have just as much wealth and social standing as he has. He can live at Saint James\'s Palace at Highgrove, Gloucestershire in Whales or, of course, he can stay the weekend at Grandmother\'s home, Buckingham Palace.
Prince William has an extremely long name – three different versions. The first and most used is Prince William Arthur Phillip Louis Windsor. The second, which is used less, is Prince William Arthur Phillip Louis Mountbatten-Windsor. The reason for this second version\'s extension is that the royal family once signed a decree stating that after Queen Elizabeth\'s grandmother, the royal family would have the name of Windsor. However, another decree was signed confusing royal experts, so the name became Mountbatten-Windsor. The Queen has given no clarification on whether Mountbatten-Windsor or simply Windsor will be used. The third form, and longest, is a genealogical interpretation which means that he does not regularly use it, but nonetheless, it is his family\'s name: Prince William Arthur Phillip Louis Schlesweig-Hostein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg-Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. However, his formal title – what visitors call him, or what he is to be officially referred to as, is "His Royal Highness Prince William of Whales. Everyone has nicknames and