Racism and races

I was inspired by "Racism in America" by sentiencenerd and the comments about it.to me was funny to read the comment of newmanc who says that the essay is a piece of rubbish and "try the facts".
well the facts are: the most miserable places in the world are populated exclusively by black people. for example - Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Compton, Harlem... On the other hand the places with the highest life standard, lowest crime rate, lowest unemployment rate... are populated almost exclusively by white people. examples - Switzerland, Norway, Sweden... What\'s the conclusion - black people suck. their aptitude for misery and poverty is genetically determined together with their unwillingness to advance. the only chance for a black to be successful is with the white man\'s help. and despite all the help and all the rights that were not earned, but were given, they hate the white people. And it\'s not because of the slavery in the past, but because of the envy, because the white man can work, he can be ambitious, and his dreams are different than the dream of being a famous rapper or a gangster.
there was another comment that today\'s situation is due to the "past discriminatory practices and slavery".
then how come all the African countries are so undeveloped. Fact is that most of them haven\'t been oppressed by whites. let\'s take for example South Africa. It\'s the only advanced African country. By coincidence, it\'s the only one with serious presence of white people.
The only thing that a black man could say as a fact is “thank God for the white people”
And the only thing that a white man could say as a fact is “fuck off and die niggar”