Throughout history, people have been interested in our past and future. Writers have used history to generate topics. Arthur miller is one such writer who used history to write The Crucible. This play is the perfect analogy because it uses false accusations, scapegoating, and witch trials. The Crucible became an analogy for the McCarthy trials. “McCarthyism is a term used for widespread accusations and investigations of suspected communist activities in the United States during the 1950’s. Joseph R. McCarthy was a controversial figure in American politics. McCarthy accused department of state harboring Communists. Thus, The Crucible is an analogy is an appropriate analogy for the McCarthy period.
Salem of 1692 where made false accusations. People accused innocent people of witchcraft. The Crucible is a play that showed false accusations. The girls called in a lot of people of witchcraft and putting spells on them. For example, Abigail and the other girls call in Sarah Good for witchcraft and putting spells on them. Along with Goody Proctor. Abigail blames her for stabbing her the stomach with her poppet doll. The same thing happened during the McCarthy hearings. In the 1950’s Joseph R.McCarthy accused innocent people of being communist supporters. McCarthy got a lot of attention by accusing the department of state harboring communist. The events of 1692 and 1950’share about the same thing and circumstances.
In 1692, Scapegoating was going on. Scapegoating stands for accusing someone to protect oneself from any harm done. In The Crucible, people accused others of crimes to protect themselves of blame. An example of this would be where Abigail and Tituba along with other girls go into the forest and all on to the devil. When they get caught Abigail blames everything on Tituba. During the questioning, Abigail tells the court “she made me do it! She made betty do it!” Tituba tells the court “no, no sir, I do not truck with the devil.” Only reason why Abigail is doing this is to save herself and let someone innocent take her blame.
The Salem witch-hunts of 1692 came to an end with trials that have devastating outcomes. For example, in the movie The Crucible one of the girls blames an old guy for staring at her and he got hanged. Throughout this whole novel many people’s life have changed. For some it totally ruined their lives, for others they were unfortunate. Life was taken from innocent people, because the girls thought it would be cute to hang others for their mistake. During the McCarthy trials of the 1950’s the trials, also had terrible outcomes. McCarthy had accused innocent people of communist activities and therefore, due to public disclosure, people’s lives were ruined forever.
The Crucible is an appropriate analogy for the McCarthy period. The McCarthy trials were like the Salem trials in which they both shared common circumstances. Each trial had instances of false accusations, scapegoating and the devastating outcomes. Therefore, The Crucible and the McCarthyism terror have something in common.


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